S-HD Heavy Duty

S-HD Heavy Duty
S-HD This new compact, portable dust collector is complete with a front mounted on/off switch, four HD floor casters, HD steel cart, 8 top filters 6" x 52" lg, 1 large bottom filter or 55 gallon steel or plastic drum/quick release clamp & sleeve and removable push handle. The S-HD also has 24 feet powercord, cord wrap storage, on/off switch and magnehelic gauge mounted in the front panel to let you know the differential pressure & to better determine when it is time to clean the filters. All made in our shop in Ontario, Canada using quality steel products, welders and people.

The S-HD is ideally suited for coarse dust & chips, or medium amounts of mixed dust or fine dust. Available with 5 to 15hp with airflows from 2000 to 4950 CFM and Static Pressures 4".  Tested in accordance with AMCA 211 Air performance test procedure. Fan is made from Cast 319 grade aluminum. S-HD Made in North America.

Before operating any of these dust collection units, ensure you are aware of and that you meet the current regulations for fire, NFPA, NFC, OFC or other safety precautions for your particular area. Each municipality may have regulations regarding this type of equipment and its operation before the equipment is installed and operated. Kraemer Mfg assumes no liability or responsibility if operating equipment outside of the required regulation.

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