Open/Open 22" lg 120 Pleats

Open/Open 22" lg 120 Pleats
Open/Open 22" lg 120 Pleats
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Open/Open type cartridge filter 12.75 O.D. x 8.38" I.D. x 22" lg 120 Pleats 73.30 sq ft of Spun Bonded Polyester Gasket 5/8" high x 1/2" wide MAX Temp 200 deg F (93 deg C)

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  • Kraemer MFG manufactures a full range of cartridges utilizing Spun Bond Polyester nonwoven media. Spun Bond has quickly become a standard media for the cartridge dust collector. It offers very good moisture and abrasion resistance, superior strength and a fine pore structure. All of these combined with dimpled pleat design makes the Kraemer Spun Bond Cartridge an ideal choice for applications such as mineral processing, food, pharmaceutical, powder coating, foundry dust etc.
  • Heavier gauge spiral welded inner Core for strength.
  • Outer Bands for stability.
  • Dimpled Pleats for improved performance. The unique MPF Dimple provides the following distinct advantage over non-dimpled cartridges:
  • During normal operation, the dimples prevent the pleats from pinching, thereby maintaining a steady air flow and pressure drop.
  • During reverse pulse cleaning, the dimples prevent the pleats from bulging and trapping dust between them.
  • Spun Bond Media is very versatile and is available in the following finishes:
  • [ Spun bond ] - Standard 8oz
  • Fire Retardant - Treated with a fire retardant additive.
  • [ PTFE ] - A PTFE (Teflon) membrane is laminated to the spun bond substrate. PTFE is best suited for submicron filtration, sticky dust or moist environments.
  • [ Aluminized (Antistatic) ] - A micro thin finish of aluminum is applied to the spun bond making it a conductive media. This conductive layer helps to dissipate static build up. Applications include plastic shot blasting, metal and woodworking, powder coating, cement etc.
  • [ Hydro/Oleophobic ] - Suitable for oily and moist applications.