Kraemer "Big Foot" Cyclone

Kraemer "Big Foot" Cyclone
Kraemer "Big Foot" Cyclone
SKU: CYN-100
Kraemer MFG's cyclone is a stand alone unit that can act as an entire dust collector itself or incorporated into a separator for another dust collector to provide single or two stage separation. Made from 14ga steel, incorporating the latest features such as neutral vane, sloped inlet, 3:1 cone/body height for superior cyclonic action. These along with additional features such as our rotary airlocks, top mounted direct drive fans, side filter housings for cartridges or filter bags, make our cyclone a complete solution for your dust capture needs.


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In American folkloreBigfoot or Sasquatch is a hairy, upright-walking, ape-like being who leaves behind large footprints and reportedly dwells in the wilderness. Strongly associated with the Pacific Northwest (and in particularly Washington state and British Columbia), individuals claim to see the creature across North America. Over the years, the creature has inspired numerous commercial ventures and hoaxes.

We here at Kraemer Mfg have renamed our cyclone lineup after Bigfoot, something that a great man and I spoke of a lot over the years. We came to know and love, Barry Blount for his style, humour and support in some of our early darkest hours. It is our way to honor & remember him this way as he was an avid photographer, impeccable design extraordinaire and a good friend for many years. Barry loved the great outdoors where Bigfoot roams. Since Barry was instrumental in helping us get our start at Kraemer MFG, we wanted to remember him on each of these units that he helped us design from his heart.

See you again my friend!

Options: Welded, structural steel stand to support cyclone
  Rotary air lock for continuous discharge from waste outlet
  Top air outlet fitting for pull-through design or to direct air to a filter unit
  Special material thickness or construction materials available
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