E-Type units

These economical dust collectors are excellent for large amounts of coarse dust and medium amounts of mixed dust. One extra large filter bag is included. All voltages are available. Get one in a variety of CFM sizes, horsepower and dust container sizes to see for yourself just how easy dust collection can be. Configure one today with the options and features you need, tailored exactly for your shops size.

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The E-Type dust collector is our most economical portable dust collector consisting of a fan, interconnecting ducting, filterbag and drum on a movable dolly. It is available in 1-10 hp motor ratings to supply sometimes all the dust collector you require. There is no automatic cleaning system, but because of its design, dust enters the top of the filter section and is directed downwards into the awaiting drum. This process and design allows minimal "tap" clean of the filter(s) by hand after shutdown. You can easily configure your own system by selecting from the pull down menus any of the items required to build your system and see the cost once you are complete.