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Engineering Studies

A system analysis will save you time and money. The experience at Kraemer allows us to quickly gather a thorough understanding of your system and its capabilities.

Through our analysis we gather all your system specific data including:

    • Site measurements of airflow and pressures
    • Detailed physical inspection of system components; hoods to exhaust fans
    • Hood efficiency, performance, and design
    • Ductwork layout and complete system mapping 

We provide a comprehensive report discussing current system capacities, any potential issues, and will make recommendations to achieve your desired performance. 

There are three major reasons why your facility may need its systems analyzed.

    • There is a noted difference between the design performance and the actual performance
    • Production increases will be placing an increased demand on your systems
    • Environmental regulations have become more stringent and improved performance is required of your industrial ventilation system.

Our analysis provides us the with the in-depth knowledge of your process and system to become a true value-added partner in your continued success.