About Us

Kraemer Mfg is a privately owned company located in North America that designs and produces some of the most unique filtration solutions for its North American customers using a broad range of products for air pollution control, material handling and liquid filtration.

From developing small compact tightly integrated machines designed to remove dust and particulate from your process lines, work areas and manufacturing equipment, to analyzing a particular challenge you have in an area of your operations, look to Kraemer MFG for solutions. Even large scale projects that involve complete plant solutions; when it seems that you have no-one else to turn to for some simple advice, prices or a  starting place, a Kraemer representative is a phone call away. Being a generator of ideas or solutions, for the past 50 years, Kraemer MFG has been able to offer some rather unique, sometimes plain & simple approaches to many Fortune 500, medium size and even small scale start-up companies that have some difficulty with annoying dust problems while trying to move forward. Sometimes a new set of eyes, ears and heart, coupled with our multiple years of experience, can shed new light onto your ongoing and annoying problems.

From a simple service call, to a sales call, our dedicated team can offer clear ideas and informative answers in a comfortable and caring manner to you, either in person, over the internet or by phone. Your concerns are heard, listened to, sometimes sketched out or even photographed so a clear idea and understanding becomes the basis for developing a solution.

50% of finding a solution, is to clearly identify and understand the problem.

We have taken initiatives to bring a simple solution to anyone with a online connection either desktop, ipad or smartphone to help create their budgets for capital equipment, direct online quoting or even placing orders for people seeking information and prices, by using the power of the internet to bring a more upfront and complete method of getting the information you want...now! 24-7 No waiting for a sales person to call you back, simply log on, search our site, get a price, save it, quote it to your customer (resellers program), or even complete a purchase all online, in our secure and accessible web site store system.

We also have skilled service personal as well as spare parts technicians that are ready to deal with your needs in a fast and efficient manner. On-site servicing/mechanical personal for dust collectors, ducting installation and re-design, fan testing and balancing and MOE, NFPA, MOL, OFC and factory mutual insurance compliance as well as simple filter change-out services, covers across Canada, USA, Mexico and Dominican countries to help isolate, troubleshoot, diagnose, repair or replace the problem your experiencing.

A simple phone call, email or voice mail, will easily initiate our group into action to begin working on your particular problem right away and bring a solution your looking for....TODAY!

In design, we use 3D CAD design systems, prototyping solutions, and testing systems. Kraemer aims to help advance industry by designing in 3D, making 3D models for scaled projects and working with our channel partners to bring solutions right to your doorstep.

Many of our dust collection units are still working in wood shops, mining companies, food processing plants, carpentry shops, tool rooms, military facilities, kitchen cabinet makers, schools and training facilities right across North America; and some for 50 years.

Our customers have come to learn that we don't try to skip out by designing a system that needs constant attention and $$ to keep it operating, or that it is undersized for the application. Some Kraemer customers haven't changed their filters in their Kraemer unit for 15 years! The longest that we know of to date is 22 years...which is unheard of. Everyday, they come into their shop, turn on their dust system, do their work then leave to go home at night and then simply repeat that process over and over...for 5, 10, 25 years and we don't hear from them! Then out of the blue, one will call and say I think I need new filter bags, because its been 12-13 years and it seems the airflow is starting to go down. If they can clean them, then we say, "save your money and try cleaning them first", but then sometimes if it is time to replace them, then after 12-13 years that's really pretty good. You wouldn't get that kind of mileage out of your tires that you also come to rely on every day.

So for sure, we don't design the cheapest unit on the market, nor do we ever really want to. We design a unit that will give the customer very high value and a longer operating time between downtime, for their investment. Why? Because we can and we really don't know how to make it so cheap, as others seem to do, to the point where it becomes basically a throw away item after a few years, that in many cases, it's really not worth buying in the first place. Just look at all the types of units that are available at auction, you'll find very few Kraemer style units on auction, unless the company went out of business, and that's unfortunate.

There is too much of that cheap equipment available already, usually not even made in N.A. that we get asked too often to replace after only a few short years, sometimes only months, until the customer soon realizes it was not really a good investment after all. The customer sometimes buys a cheap unit once, then they learn some things and decide differently the second time around. If they buy a Kraemer unit, then as they grow, they usually buy another Kraemer unit because even if it costs more, the reality is... it costs them less...and they know it!

We can turn over a lot of stones in a short amount of time to figure out a solution!

We like you are not satisfied with being ordinary, we want to be extra-ordinary, with people, products and services that help change industry for the better.

Kraemer Mfg