Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with the performance of a product that was received, please contact us to speak to a customer service representative within 30 days of receipt. Due to the customized nature of the products offered, shipping delays that are sometimes incurred, we are unable to offer full returns on any units or items ordered and shall only offer warranty remedy to items not working correctly or partial return (up to max of 50% not including shipping) for returns prior to 30 days after original receipt of products. Shipping delays can occur for cross border shipped items due to customs clearances and are beyond our and the shipping companies control. Therefore stated delivery times are subject to potential delays imposed by border custom officials and we are not able to offer discounts to costs based on that. All items are fully tested and documented for performance prior to shipping. If unit/item has been ordered incorrectly by size, CFM, HP or other, we are unable to accept returns and would only consider such return in writing if it could be resold within a 120 working day period once returned at the customers expense in original working condition as was originally shipped and that a full 50% restocking charge would apply on all returns. Eg. a $1000.00 dollar total invoice item would only receive a maximum of $500.00 less any original shipping and insurance costs as return value back to the customer after 120 working days that it was received back in original condition and could be resold within that time frame. No exceptions.

Please note that on any return, shipping costs are not included and shall be paid by the customer. No refunds are applicable after 30 days from receipt of goods. No refunds, reduction in cost or discounts are applicable for delivery lateness due to manufacturing variances or time frames expressed herein or during the quotation phase. Some items due to them being manufactured offshore can experience extremely long delivery times beyond our control. Your deposit/payment acts as deposit on these items and is not refundable unless the order is not able to be fulfilled within one (1) calendar year from date of order with Kraemer MFG. Time frames on some items seems excessive and is outside of our control. In many cases we have to pay upfront for these items to register a place in the order process, therefore your payment/deposit is secured against the items. Should the items not be made available after one calendar year from date of order placement, we will refund your payment. We regret to implement this policy in this manner, but due to the location of manufacture and other factors beyond our control, it is the only method we can offer. Offshore items are cheaper in cost, but do have some constraints to accept for that cost point.

Items for return are subject to a full 50% restocking charge along with the user paying the transportation costs back to our facility. When the items are returned and inspected and are not damaged in any manner, Kraemer MFG shall refund up to a maximum of 50% of the original invoice value without exception. Items that have been altered or machined, balanced, custom made or modified in any manner to satisfy a customers order are not available for refund. Items ordered via purchase order, credit card or other which are cancelled before shipment and during the time which they are being manufactured or inbound shipped and experiencing delays outside of Kraemer MFG control, are subjected to minimum 50% restocking fee and 20% administration fee regardless if items have already been billed and cancelled by customer. If paid by credit card over the phone or internet, 50% return on goods cost already ordered shall apply for restocking and 20% for administration. Therefore 30% of the cost of the ordered and cancelled item, shall be the customers only remedy and total refund after an item has been cancelled while in progress as described.

Products that are purchased but not operated to all the required local regulations for fire, explosion, safety or other by the appropriate jurisdictional agencies current regulations are non-refundable and may void any warranty. Kraemer MFG makes no representation that the products will be operated by the end user, with or without any necessary additions in order to meet required regulations or performance criteria. Items have been tested for design and performance in our facilities as well as many operating in industry. It is the end users responsibility to ensure and understand which regulations they specifically require for their operation and that the equipment is ordered with any additional items and not removed, in order to meet the required regulations. Kraemer MFG assumes no liability for the equipment operation by the end user. Its adaptability to customers equipment and or performance is only warranted for its own performance ratings and not that of the customers equipment. No return is available on any special built up or custom installed equipment from Kraemer MFG.